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  1. Why You Should Never Ignore A Water Leak

  2. What Causes a Water Leak

  3. What are the Signs of a Water Leak

  4. Is it a Pipe or the Roof?

  5. Is the Leak Underground?

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Did you know that the average leaky faucet accounts for 3,000 gallons of lost water per year? Add that to leaks you can't see, like pipes hidden within the toilet or walls, and that number goes up drastically. Not only is that costly to your water bill, but those leaks can cause damage to your home or business by causing mold or structural damage. All very costly things that can be prevented by water leak detection services!

Why You Should Never Ignore A Water Leak

A leaky sink isn't just an annoying noise. It can cost you on your monthly water bills as well as do some damage to your home. A leaky pipe can cause mold, which is dangerous to breathe in, and worse, it could cause the structural wood within your walls to rot, which attracts pests and vermin like termites (yuck!). Furthermore, a tiny little leak can turn into a burst pipe, which can destroy your belongings and do even worse damage to your home than just a leak can do. Especially the leaks you can't see! These can cost you so much on your water bill every month without you even knowing it. These leaks can be hidden in underground pipes, pipes in the wall, or within your toilet tanks. All in all, it's worth it to fix a leak pronto and have regular check ups on all your piping.

What Causes a Water Leak?

A water leak can naturally occur for a number of reasons. If your house is older, it could be that the plumbing pipes were made out of steel, which means they will eventually corrode, causing leaks and then causing burst pipes in the future. Clogged pipes from things going down the drain like food, hair, too much toilet paper, or anything flushed down the toilet can cause a clog in the pipes, which can cause pipes to expand and crack, causing a leak or a burst pipe. Tree roots can grow into your underground pipes, or excessive water pressure can put too much pressure on your pipes, all resulting in the same thing. A water leak or a burst pipe. It's a common occurrence, but the good news is that it can be fixed!

What are the Signs of a Water Leak

Like we mentioned, some leaks aren't obvious, but there are some signs to look out for. Some leaks you'll only be able to detect if you've got a higher water bill than normal. But here are some signs in your home to detect a water leak:

  • Bubbling paint or bulging wallpaper

  • Brown or yellow colored stains on the floors, walls, or ceilings

  • Visible mold or mildew outside of showers or bathtub

  • Cracks in your home's foundation

  • Musty odor

  • Sound of running water when the water isn't on

If you aren't sure if you've got a leak, check your water usage meter. Make sure no water is running in the house and no appliances are using water. Then watch your usage meter. If it moves at all, that means there could be a leak somewhere in your home. If there aren't any visible signs, you should call a plumber because they have special tools like heat maps, listening devices, and cameras to find the leak.

Of course, check out the other places where water leaks can occur, and look for puddles. Under sinks, by the tub or shower, the water heater, the washer, the dishwasher, and any other appliance that uses water.

A toilet leak can be a little trickier because it can leak from the inside. If a tank is old enough, the flapper can deteriorate and water can trickle into the bowl and down the pipes, causing a massive loss of water over a long period of time. To check this, you can add food coloring into the tank of the toilet (the back part behind the bowl where the water is clean), and if the food coloring is in the bowl after a while, it means it's time to replace the flapper and potentially other parts of the toilet tank if it's pretty old. Call a plumber to be sure though.

Is it a Pipe or the Roof?

If you've got a stain on the ceiling, it could either be a bad roof or a leaking pipe. Has it rained recently and it's started to drip? That could be a sign of a bad roof. But if the sun is shining and the water is being used somewhere in the house and it's dripping, that's more likely a pipe. It's best to ask a professional plumber or roofer if your roof is very old or newly installed.

Is the Leak Underground?

Believe it or not, we've got pipes underground in our yards! Leaks can happen with age if it's an older house, or tree roots can grow into the pipes and cause them to crack, or shifting earth can cause them to crack and leak too. Of course, you won't be able to detect a leaking pipe without digging up your yard, so you should call a professional plumber to help you. They can bring the proper tools that can find the leak without destroying your yard.

Some visible signs of a leak underground are vibrant green grass in just one patch. Though we love green yards, just one spot can indicate a leak. Or there could be even puddles in the spot where the leak is because the water will rise to the surface.

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Water leak services can help you prevent water damage and huge water bills. Prompt water leak detection and repairs can also help keep your home healthy and safe. So, if you think you have hidden or underground leaks, it's best to get your plumbing system inspected ASAP.

Ready to find and repair all plumbing leaks you have at home? Let the plumbing experts of 1-800-Plumber +Air &Electric of Amarillo deliver the services you need. Get in touch with us now so we can make your plumbing system leak-free once again.

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