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Computers and circuit boards are now found in almost everything that we use on a daily basis. From basic appliances such as refrigerators and stoves to your entire air conditioning system, we depend on these to function properly. Unfortunately, these devices can easily be damaged by electrical surges. These electrical surges can damage the electrical components you have in your home. Protect your valuable investments today by installing a whole house surge protector on your home.

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What is a Smart Panel?

A smart panel is a digitized replacement to a traditional electric control panel. It constantly reads the energy usage throughout your home and provides you with real-time updates on local energy use throughout your home.

Precise, Real-Time Data

Precise, detailed, real-time updates on electricity usage are a godsend for any contractor or property owner. Diagnosing electrical problems is far easier when you can trace changes in power use moment-by-moment. With this kind of control, it becomes much easier to find inefficiencies in your electric system or appliances that are draining an outsized amount of electricity. In this way, a smart panel system is among the best ways you can cut your energy usage and run an efficient household.

Integrate Solar and Battery Power

When you begin a solar project in a home with a traditional control panel, you'll end up with redundant equipment taking up a lot of space in your home. Your solar system and batteries will require their own equipment, and you won't be able to track power use as efficiently. A smart panel is capable of integrating these three systems, simplifying and interconnecting the three systems. You can track your solar power production, the status of your battery power, and compare these to your energy consumption on a house-wide and localized basis. If you're interested in pursuing one of these projects, you'll find your modern, smart control panel indispensable.

Smart Panel Services in Amarillo

Here at 1-800 Plumber +Air, we provide all the services necessary to help you be successful with all of your smart panel projects. Installation, maintenance, and repair all fall under the umbrella of our services in Amarillo, TX. When it comes to installing smart panels in Amarillo, TX, our experienced HVAC professionals will connect the new panel to your electrical system perfectly. We also handle generalized maintenance such as cleaning and recoating to protect your equipment from dirt, rust, and corrosion. If it ever breaks, we'll be able to diagnose the cause of the problem and get your smart panel back in working order in no time.

Count on 1-800-Plumber +Air

In Amarillo, we're the experts at installing, maintaining, and repairing smart panels. When you need any smart panel services in Amarillo, contact us for a quote and schedule an appointment. Contacting us is easy, just remember that our name is our number!

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