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Kitchen Plumbing Systems

  1. Understanding the parts of your kitchen plumbing system

  2. Kitchen plumbing services

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  4. Kitchen Plumbing Service You Can Trust

Every homeowner enjoys modern conveniences as they make our lives a whole lot easier, but when indoor electricity and plumbing fail, your daily routine comes to a halt. A malfunctioning kitchen plumbing system is one of the issues that seriously affects your day-to-day activity. Even the smallest issue shouldn't be ignored because it might just be a symptom of a major plumbing problem. Be sure to call 1-800-Plumber +Air & Electric of Amarillo to thoroughly inspect the plumbing system of your kitchen.

Understanding the parts of your kitchen plumbing system

In most cases, kitchens have simple and straightforward plumbing systems. While kitchen plumbing issues are better left to professionals like 1-800-Plumber +Air & Electric of Amarillo, it still pays to understand the basic components of your kitchen plumbing system so you'll know the importance of having these parts fixed in the event of a plumbing issue, so let's get started.

Kitchen Plumbing System Components

  • Water Supply Line

  • Drain

  • Drain Trap

  • Shutoff Valve

A kitchen plumbing system either has a gas supply pipe or water supply lines. You can usually find the visible part of your kitchen plumbing under the sink. It consists of a flexible gas connector located at the floor beneath the gas range or at the wall. Beneath the sink, you'll also find two small valves. One is intended for hot water supply and the other is for cold water. However, older homes don't have these. When you turn the valves clockwise, you will also prevent water from flowing through the supply tubes, which send water to your faucet.

You might also see more water connections on the cold shutoff valve faucet. It can be in the form of a saddle valve. These connections are assembled with the use of plastic or copper tubing to get the instant hot water dispenser, water treatment device, and many others.

Your kitchen plumbing system also has flexible supply tubes that connect valves to your faucet's threaded tailpieces. Faucets with an integral or a separate sprayer contains a hose that keeps another tailpiece intact. This tailpiece is found in the center of the faucet body. The gas supply, on the other hand, is intended for the gas range that operates through a shutoff valve beneath your gas range. The appliance operates on gas supplied through the flexible supply line.

Kitchen plumbing services

It's always beneficial to allow a professional to deal with kitchen plumbing issues. It might be a minor problem but they can get worse without employing the proper technique that only plumbing professionals can do.

Leaky Faucet Repair

Keeping your home in good condition isn't only about maintaining its visual appeal but also ensuring it retains its functional quality. There are many things you have to keep track of everyday as a homeowner such as your kitchen plumbing fixture. A leaky faucet might be one of the problems you chose to ignore because you don't consider its occurrence annoying.

This problem, unfortunately, can get worse if you don't repair it. The continuous dripping of water can be a sign of an underlying issue. When left unaddressed, a leaky faucet can cause mold buildup. Patches of mold are unattractive and dangerous. You'll know mold starts to develop inside your home if you notice a musty smell or dark patches. Mold can cause skin irritations and breathing issues.

Another reason to call 1-800-Plumber +Air & Electric of Amarillo to fix a leaky kitchen faucet is to prevent rot. An indication that leaks have taken their toll on your faucet is when cabinets, floors, countertops and wood shelving start to crack, warp and rot because of the continuous water drip. Rotted and warped wood are unappealing and dangerous because they inhibit your wooden furniture's basic function and also decrease your home's overall value.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Troubleshooting a garbage disposal issue is a nightmare if you do it yourself. Whether it's an

overheating or jamming problem, you should contact us so we can remove the risks by fixing your garbage disposal in an efficient manner.

A sign that your garbage disposal has overheating problems is when it doesn't hum when you flip the switch. Overheating might be due to overfilling. Another cause of an overheating garbage disposal is when it tripped itself off. Be sure to search for the reset button under your unit and find out if anything changes when you push the button. Look for the circuit box and check if the breaker has been tripped.

Jamming is also a common problem with garbage disposals you'll encounter. If you flicked the switch and the unit is humming but not working, the issue might be with the impellers causing the garbage disposal to get jammed. While dealing with the problem yourself might save you a few hundred dollars, your safety is at risk. Impellers are not only designed to grind food, they can grind fingers as well.

Drain Cleaning

You may not be aware of it but even when you have a garbage disposal, your kitchen drain is still prone to clogging. When solid food waste goes down your drains, they get stuck in the pipes and start to degrade. Once they turn into bacteria, they will produce unpleasant odors that will creep up from your drains.

With drain cleaning, these organic elements that harm your pipes will be successfully eliminated. When your kitchen drain is working properly, you can wash your dishes without worrying about clogs.

Dishwasher Repair

There are many issues associated with a malfunctioning dishwasher. Whether your dishes come out stained or you see a puddle of water on your floor, these are the glaring signs that your dishwasher fails to start up as it should. Pulling out your manual might offer a quick fix but it will not necessarily solve the problem. You'll need a professional plumber to determine the source of the problem. You might perceive it as a simple issue with your dishwasher, but there might be a more serious issue that needs expert attention.


Your kitchen plumbing is filled with intricacies that require skilled and trained professionals. At first glance, the installation process might not seem a complicated task, but once you dig deeper into the plumbing system, you'll realize that you're sacrificing safety. You'll won't save a significant amount of money with DIY installation because in a few years, you'll end up redoing your kitchen plumbing system. With professional installation, you can be sure that everything will function well.

Kitchen plumbing repair

Skip do-it-yourself repair options and go to 1-800-Plumber +Air & Electric of Amarillo to fix your kitchen plumbing issues. With a professional repair service, you'll reap these long-term benefits:

  • Cleanliness

  • Licensed and insured

  • Speed

  • High-quality results

  • Right tools

Kitchen Plumbing Service You Can Trust

We at 1-800-Plumber +Air & Electric of Amarillo, are the right people to call for any kitchen plumbing maintenance and repairs. Contact us so you can get the most reliable and professional service in Amarillo. We have a team of professional plumbers that can provide you the best insight on keeping your kitchen plumbing functional and well-maintained.

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Need Plumbing Repairs? Call 1-800-PLUMBER in Amarillo

Without functional kitchen plumbing, you won't be able to use your kitchen. Plumbing is the reason the water runs, the sink drains, and the gas stove works.

If you're having issues with your plumbing or kitchen drainage, contact us today for plumbing repairs or call us at 806-622-3862.

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