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Drain Cleaning Services: Signs You Must Hire a Pro

Plumbing problems are inevitable, but knowledge is power.

Knowing the warning signs allows homeowners to identify plumbing problems and receive fast drain cleaning services. The quicker you service your pipes, the less structural (and financial) damage you'll incur.

Let's explore the common signs of drain problems and why you should call a professional.

Signs of a Clogged Drain: 

Slow Drains

The most obvious sign of a clog is slow drains. If you notice water lingering in your sinks, bathtubs, and showers, something might be obstructing the pipes.

Over time, drains collect hair, soap, and scum. The materials build up and lead to a clog. The blockage prevents water from easily flowing through your pipes, creating drainage problems.

The longer the water sits in your sinks and tubs, the more problems it causes. The clog attracts drain flies that feed on the decomposing matter. While the flies aren't dangerous, they carry bacteria and love to breed in stagnant drain water.

Foul Smells

Sometimes drain smells come from food debris or the garbage disposal. But if you are noticing that the smells are becoming more frequent, you could have a build-up of food, sewage, or cooking oils in your main pipe system.

As a general rule, most foods should never go down the kitchen drain, unless you have a garbage disposal. Avoid putting common items such as grease, eggshells, coffee grounds, or veggie cuttings in the kitchen drain.

This can be very difficult to unclog yourself, so consider bringing in an expert in the form of a reputable drain cleaning service.

Unusual Smells

It's not uncommon for your pipes to make noise from time to time, but homeowners should identify the sounds to know if there is a problem.

Gurgling noises from drains, pipes, and toilets are early signs of a plumbing problem. When drains are clogged, air trapped in the pipes push through the plumbing fixtures and create gurgling sounds. If you notice these noises, your drain is blocked.

Frequent Clogs

Frequent clogs in toilets and sinks are a cause for concern. Regular toilet backups, gurgling noises, and slow drainage are signs of tree roots in your drain or sewer line.

Tree roots can grow towards your pipes and create a blockage. Once the roots reach your drain pipes, they coil around and crush them. That's why property owners are advised to plant large trees 20 to 30 feet from their plumbing systems.

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Multiple Clogged Drains

Sometimes you can smell drain problems before you see them. As the blocked materials rot in your pipes, they create unpleasant odors. If you follow your nose, it will lead you to the damaged drain.

Clogged drains create musty smells, similar to sewage. The odors are most prominent around drain covers. The smell will get worse when the tap is turned on. Proper drain cleaning maintenance will leave your pipes clean and eliminate any foul odors in your home.

Should You Call a Professional?

It might seem easier to take matters into your own hands, but leave drain and sewer cleaning to the professionals. DIY methods offer short-term results. Home remedies may seem to work, but, instead, make the problem worse.

Many people don't realize the severity of their clog without professional equipment, so the blockage continues to cause structural damage to your pipeline.

Homemade mixtures or chemical cleaners strip the interior lining of your pipes, making your plumbing system weaker. Using a plumbing snake without a professional technician can tear away enamel in your sink, toilet, or bathtub.

Put your mind at ease by relying on professional drain cleaning services from your local plumbing experts. Qualified technicians ensure safe and effective maintenance. Professional drain cleaning fixes current problems and prevents future ones.

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