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Replacement and Renovation: How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

Gas furnaces have an average lifespan of up to 20 years. By 10 or 15 years in, however, most homeowners are already asking questions like "how much does a new furnace cost?" and "is it better to repair my furnace or replace it?"

Check out our quick guide below for answers to these and other important questions.

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

How much is a gas furnace with installation? On average, gas furnaces cost between $2,000 and $6,000.

The wide range in pricing reflects differences in furnace sizing, brands, installation, and other factors.

What Determines the Cost of a New Furnace?

When homeowners ask "how much does it cost to replace a gas furnace?" they are really asking a combination of two different questions:

  • How much does a furnace itself cost to buy?
  • How much to install a furnace in my home?

The Cost of the Furnace Itself

Furnace cost is determined primarily by size, efficiency, and brand.

  • Larger furnaces cost more
  • High-efficiency furnaces cost more than less efficient models
  • Brand-name furnaces are more expensive than off-brand models


Furnace installation can be complex. When handled by professionals, however, it usually takes less than a day. Furnace installation cost depends on:

  • Where in your home the furnace will go and how difficult it is to get the furnace in place
  • The style and complexity of your furnace model
  • What changes or repairs are necessary to your home's ductwork or wiring to accommodate the new furnace
  • Labor costs

Having quality heating and cooling professionals install your new furnace makes the process quick and easy. It also ensures that everything is done correctly, ensuring the safety of your home and family and saving you time and money later on.

Repair vs Replacement

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that repairing their furnace costs less than replacing it. In reality, the cost to replace your gas furnace is often less than you would spend to repeatedly repair an aging unit.

Consider replacing your furnace if it:

  • Is 10 or more years old
  • Often needs repairs
  • Is not energy efficient

Types of Gas Furnaces

Residential gas furnaces are categorized by size and energy efficiency. Furnace size is measured using BTUs, with small furnaces starting around 40,000 BTUs and large ones running in the 135,000 BTU range.

Furnace efficiency is measured by AFUE or Annual Fuel Unit Efficiency scores. The higher a furnace's AFUE, the more efficient it is.

When exploring the answer to "how much to replace a furnace?" it is important to make sure you are considering both BTU output and AFUE. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking at the wrong furnace for your home and getting inaccurate estimates.

Experienced plumbing and HVAC professionals can answer questions like "why does it cost so much to install a furnace?" and help you pick the right furnace for your needs.

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New Furnace Installation

Take the guesswork out of answering the question "how much does a new furnace cost?" Contact us today and let our professionals help you choose the right furnace and give you a solid quote for installation.

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