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The Complexities Involved With Plumbing a Bathroom During a Remodel

During your lifetime you'll spend an average of 1 1/2 years on the toilet.

Since you spend so much time using the bathroom, it's important to have plumbing that works correctly all the time. If you're planning on plumbing a bathroom, think again.

Plumbing a bathroom is a complex job that should be left to professional plumbers. Keep reading to learn more about why a plumber should handle your plumbing project!

The Complexities of Plumbing a Bathroom

Plumbing a bathroom may seem like a simple project to you if you're handy, however, that's not usually the case.

Here are some of the complexities associated with plumbing a bathroom:

Bathroom Plumbing Layout Drawing

Before your project can happen, you'll need a bathroom plumbing layout drawing.

This will ensure that each fixture is placed where it should be. For the plumbing of your remodel to be sufficient, your shower, tub, sink, and toilet will need to be strategically placed. Hiring a professional will ensure that the plumbing is located in the right spots.

How to Do Plumbing for a Toilet

When it comes to how to do plumbing for a toilet, this can be a messy job.

Since your toilet is connected to sewer lines, it's best to have a professional take care of the toilet plumbing. If there's an unexpected barrier with the toilet plumbing, a plumber is better equipped to deal with it. They can easily take care of a problem that you may not be able to stomach!

Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Some bathroom plumbing fixtures can be heavy to lift.

Your sink, tub, and toilet may be too much for you to handle on your own. Luckily, plumbers are used to this kind of heavy lifting. If you try to lift the plumbing fixtures, not only do you risk damaging them by dropping them, but you may injure yourself as well.

Standard Height of Plumbing Fixtures

While there isn't one universal measurement when it comes to plumbing fixtures, there is a certain distance that should be kept.

A plumber will understand the standard height of plumbing fixtures to keep them properly spaced out. For example, the drain lines and water supply lines should be lined up with the fixtures they'll be used for.

If these are misaligned, you'll have another project trying to fix them.

Plumbing Tools

Quite a few tools are necessary for plumbing remodeling in a bathroom.

Some of them are:

  • Plumber's torch
  • Thread-sealing tape
  • Faucet key
  • Snake machine
  • Hand auger

Unless you do a lot of work in your house, you probably don't have these tools just laying around. A plumber will have all the tools they need to get the job done. If you were to go out and buy all the necessary tools, you would end up spending more than you would hiring a plumber!


Are You Ready to Plan Your Bathroom Remodeling Project?

If you're planning a bathroom remodeling project, you don't want to skip hiring a professional.

They have all the knowledge and tools that you need for the remodeling project. They'll get the job done safely, cleanly, and quickly.

There are a lot of things we can do ourselves in our home, but plumbing a bathroom shouldn't be one of them. For a free quote for your project, reach out to us today!

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Plugged drain outside of house. Came out the next day, showed us the video of the tree branches in our line, gave me a quote over the phone and I had them start work. Finished in a few hours and left with our system drain restored.

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