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  1. When to Call Drain Cleaning Services

  2. Why Call Drain Cleaning Services

  3. How Often Should You Have Your Drain Cleaned?

  4. Early Signs of a Clogged Drain

  5. Why You Should Never Use a Commercial Drain Cleaner

  6. Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Princeton

A clogged drain is definitely a huge inconvenience, but it's also a major health hazard. So many diseases involve water, as it's the perfect place for bacteria, fungus, and other unsavory specimens to congregate and spread. The more you wait to clean your drains, the more you put your health at risk.

With professional drain cleaning services like the ones at 1-800-Plumber +Air of Princeton, you can keep your drains clean and your health strong. Read on to see the many benefits of hiring drain cleaning services.

When to Call Drain Cleaning Services

You've probably dealt with clogs in the past, using things like vinegar and baking soda, hot water, or a plunger. But how do you know when it's time to call professional drain cleaning services? These are times to pick up the phone:

The Clog Won't Go Away

If you've tried numerous home remedies and the clog persists, it's time to bring in the pros. You might be able to briefly unclog a backed-up toilet, only for it to recommence a few flushes later. Stop yourself from going any further than you have to and call professional drain cleaning services.

It's An Emergency

Anything that needs to be handled as soon as possible is an emergency, and a backed-up drain definitely qualifies. That doesn't mean you should call emergency drain cleaning services for any clog, but there are some that need to be addressed right away.

If there's standing water, foul odors, or odd sounds coming from your drain, call emergency drain cleaning services. 1-800-Plumber +Air of Princeton offers emergency drain cleaning, available 24/7.

Why Call Drain Cleaning Services

Professional drain cleaning services do more than just clear clogs. They improve your home quality and your overall wellness. These are some of the biggest reasons to call drain cleaning services.


To keep your health in check, keep your drains clear. There's no telling just how much bacteria could be lurking in wastewater, and just touching it puts you at risk. If you want to avoid E. coli and a trip to the emergency room, have your drains cleaned.

You can also help your health through the improved air quality. Pathogens and sewer gases are toxic and can make breathing difficult. With a professional drain cleaning service, you can keep them from infecting both your air and your household.

Avoid Infestations

Termites, roaches, and other vermin don't take up residence in your home for no reason. Aside from the shelter, they also find sustenance. They love moisture, and a clogged drain gives them that in ample quantities.

But if your drain is clear, they have much less of an incentive to live there. A drain cleaning can be like a preemptive measure against potential infestations. If you already have an infestation, we recommend calling a professional pest control service.

Eliminate Odors

A clogged drain can create some very unpleasant smells in your home. Whether it's from rotting food or human waste, these can overtake your home and make it impossible to feel relaxed. Some of these odors can be very far down in your drains, which is why you should hire professional drain cleaning services to take care of them.

Pipe Maintenance

Drain pipes are sturdy, but even they crack under pressure. Clogged pipes can get damaged and even burst. To prevent a horrible and dangerous mess due to a burst drain pipe, call professional drain cleaning services.

At 1-800-Plumber +Air of Princeton, we can fix your clog and give your pipes a tune-up. We may suggest repiping or relining as options as well. We'll always make sure your pipes are receiving the best possible treatment.

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How Often Should You Have Your Drain Cleaned?

You should have your drain cleaned at least once a year, even if you haven't been dealing with any clogs lately. These are the reasons for annual drain cleaning.

Prevent Future Clogs

Just because you haven't been experiencing any clogs doesn't mean you won't. A drain cleaning service can find and eliminate potential clogs. They may also ask you about your habits, such as whether you pour grease and fats down the drain. Answer all questions truthfully, and follow all directions regarding drain usage.

Save Money

A drain cleaning is a lot more affordable than replacing your pipes. By having your pipes rinsed once a year, you could be holding onto a small fortune. Professional drain cleaning services, like those at 1-800-Plumber +Air of Princeton, can schedule yearly appointments to ensure your pipes are clean.

Early Signs of a Clogged Drain

The best time to call drain cleaning services is early on, when the clog has caused minimal damage. These signs are subtle, so you need to be aware of them:

Slow Draining

Water doesn't have to be completely still in your sink for you to have a clogged drain. If your shower water used to go right down the drain but now it seems to pool around your feet for a bit, you should call professional drain cleaning services. Without intervention, a "slow drain" could turn into a "no drain."

Strange Smells

If something smells "off," it means something else is probably off as well. Note any strange smells in your home and try to find them at their source, if your stomach can handle it. Early on, an odor from a clogged drain might be fairly mild. Over time, however, it could become downright noxious.

Gurgling Sounds

It's cute when a baby gurgles, but not when your drains do. When your pipes are blocked up, your drains can broadcast some pretty strange sounds. There might be some tree roots entangled with your pipes, causing the sound. Other causes could be unflushable items stuck in the pipes or an accumulation of things like soap scum and human hair.

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Why You Should Never Use a Commercial Drain Cleaner Product

Reaching for a store-bought drain cleaner instead of the phone can definitely seem tempting. You might think there's no harm in just trying it, but that's actually untrue. These are reasons why you should never choose a commercial drain cleaner over professional drain cleaning services.

Bad For Your Plumbing

If you heard a product advertised for cars was actually bad for them, you definitely wouldn't buy it. Commercial drain cleaners can cause severe damage to plumbing systems. Their chemical makeup is quite corrosive and can wear down pipes over time. There could be drain cleaner hanging around your pipes, months after its initial application. Letting it linger could eventually lead to an unusable pipe.

Aside from your plumbing, your fixtures can lose their luster. Your target might've been the bathtub drain, but that won't stop the chemicals from eating away at your tub's exterior. You might need to install a whole new tub or sink if the damage is severe enough.

Bad For Your Health

Commercial drain cleaners come with warnings about proper usage. That's good, but it's also tragically easy for a mishap to occur. You could become burned from spilling the cleaner on your skin or become light-headed due to fumes. A person could go into shock from being exposed to these fumes. You also need to be cognizant of keeping young children away from these products.

Bad For the Environment

The chemicals you pour down the drain could re-emerge in someone else's drinking water. Drain cleaner pollutes the water, causing serious harm to the community in many ways. To protect your environment as well as your neighbors, get rid of the commercial drain cleaner.

Limited Effectiveness

Not only are commercial drain cleaners a threat to your plumbing, health, and the environment, but they're also not particularly effective to begin with. They're designed to eliminate clogs through the corrosive qualities of their chemicals. However, while that might seem like an acceptable temporary fix for a food clog (it's not), it's no match for other scenarios.

If you have a true root growing directly through your pipes, no commercial drain cleaner is going to make a difference. All you'd have to show for it is a clogged pipe that's now at-risk for corrosion. There's no treatment for a clogged pipe more effective than hiring professional drain cleaning services.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Princeton

Do you need a clog fixed right away or just want to make sure your drains stay clean? Call 1-800-Plumber +Air of Princeton. We're experts in every aspect of drain cleaning, and we are honored to help you. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.


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