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What to do if you A/C is Working But Not Cooling 
1-800-Plumber +Air & Electric of Amarillo 

  1. When to Replace and When to Get A/C Repaired?

  2. Common A/C Issues

  3. Need A/C Repairs? Call Us!

If you live in Amarillo and your A/C is turning on but not cooling, knowing who to call to get you immediate relief is important. As you know, summers here can be brutal, and not having a working air conditioner can be dangerous. Below we list some of the most common issues that you may face if your A/C is working but not cooling, and when you should call your trusted HVAC technician. If you need A/C repairs, call us at 1-800-Plumber +Air & Electric of Amarillo.

So your A/C unit is on, but not cooling properly or at all. We have a couple of tips to check before you call your A/C specialist. This one may sound silly, but we have all made the mistake before. Is the thermostat switched on? It's always a good idea to double check. If it is on, but still not cooling, check the air filter next.

Is the air filter dirty? If it is, change it and see if that helps. If it doesn't help, then you should check if the outside unit is dirty. After checking these, and it still isn't working, then it's best to call a licensed and insured HVAC technician, like the one you will find at 1-800-plumber +Air & Electric. Contact Us today to make an appointment.

When to Replace or Repair A/C

On average if you have kept your A/C unit in good condition, it will last 10-15 years. So if your A/C unit is around this age, it may be better to replace it than try to repair it. As A/C units get older they become obsolete and their parts become much more difficult to find. Check out the tips below to determine if your A/C should be repaired or replaced:

If it breaks down frequently

If you get yearly tune-ups from your local technician, it should not be breaking down in the middle of the summer. If you find that yours breaks down frequently, you may not need a replacement immediately but it may be time to start preparing for it.

Your Electricity Bill Keeps Going Up

Over the course of the year, your electricity bill should stay about the same, unless there has been any sudden changes. It will fluctuate a bit depending on the season, especially in Texas. But if you notice your monthly bill has gotten substantially bigger, it could mean your unit is working a lot harder to try to cool your house, but not succeeding, so it stays on all day, but doesn't cool like it should. It may be time to replace your unit.

If your A/C still uses R-22 Freon

As of January 1st of 2020, Freon is no longer being produced in the U.S. This has been found to have negative impacts on the environment and the U.S is starting to phase it out. So if your A/C unit still uses this, it might be a good time to start preparing for a new unit. If your unit is from 2010 or newer, it may not be using Freon. There are many systems now that don't use it, so you'll be able to replace it without issue.

Common A/C Issues

When something is going wrong, you don't need us to tell you. You will most likely know when your A/C unit is malfunctioning. Below we have listed a few common A/C issues and what causes them.

Hot Air is Blowing From Your Unit

If hot air is blowing from your A/C unit, it will be one of the last things you want to deal with on a hot Amarillo summer. This is usually caused by dirty air filters, or some sort of obstruction that causes the compressor to overheat.

The best way to avoid this is to schedule a yearly tune-up and replace your air filter once a month to every other month.

Odd Smell Coming From the Unit

If you are having a musty smell or burning smell coming from your vents, this could mean that there is a motor issue, or the air filters are clogged and it can cause the system to overheat. Or a musty smell could be related to a drainage issue.

If you are smelling a burning smell, turn your A/C off right away, check that the air filters are clean, and if they are dirty replace them. If you schedule cleaning of your air ducts regularly, that is an excellent way to avoid these issues. But a burning smell could be the motor overworking or some of the electrical devices burning. It's important to get this checked out immediately by a licensed HVAC technician.

Strange Noises Happening Suddenly

When you hear sounds you haven't heard from your unit before, that obviously throws up some red flags right away. When you are hearing a squealing sound, that usually means a poorly aligned or worn out belt. If it is a grinding noise, they are especially worrisome and can be dangerous for your unit. That is often the sign of motor bearing issues.

When you get your A/C checked, the technicians should take the time to check your belts and keep the bearing lubricated. That will help protect the motor.

If you are frequently hearing strange noises from your unit, it may be time to start planning on replacing your unit.

Need A/C Repairs? Call Us!

We at 1-800-Plumber +Air & Electric of Amarillo are experts when it comes to all things related to HVAC, Plumbing and Electric. Give us a call today if your a/c has been acting up or Contact Us Here. We can give your a/c a fresh start so you can go back to being cooled and comfortable.

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