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Whole House Repipe 
1-800-Plumber +Air of Scottsdale

A whole house repipe may be necessary if your home has experienced any of the following: water damage, rusty or discolored water, low water pressure, leaks, or banging noises coming from the pipes. If you're experiencing any of these issues, it's important to call a professional plumber right away to assess the situation and determine whether a whole house repipe is necessary.

1-800-Plumber +Air of Scottsdale is a professional plumbing company that offers whole house repiping services. We have the experience and expertise to properly assess your situation and determine whether a whole house repipe is necessary. If it is, we'll work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right.

1. What is a whole house repipe and why might you need one

2. The signs that you need a whole house repipe

3. How to know if your plumber is qualified to do a whole house repipe

4. The process of whole house repiping

5. Benefits of whole house repiping

What is a whole house repipe and why might you need one

A whole house repipe is the process of replacing all the old water pipes in your house with new ones. This is often done when the old pipes are starting to wear out and leak, or when they're not carrying water as efficiently as they should be.

If you're thinking about getting a whole house repipe, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it's important to choose a qualified plumbing contractor who has experience with this type of project. You'll also need to decide what type of pipes you want to use. PVC pipes are a popular choice, but copper pipes are also common.

Ultimately, a whole house repipe is a great way to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of your home's water system. If you're experiencing any problems with your water pipes, this may be the solution you need.

The signs that you need a whole house repipe

If you're noticing any of the following signs, it might be time to consider a whole house repipe:

- Your water pressure is low

- Your water is discolored or smells bad

- Your water is leaking from your faucets or pipes

- Your water bills are increasing for no apparent reason

- You've had to call a plumber for repairs times in the past year

If you're experiencing any of these issues, whole house repipe might be the best solution. 1-800-Plumber +Air of Scottsdale offers whole house repipe services to help improve your home's water system. Contact us today to learn more!

How to know if your plumber is qualified to do a whole house repipe

If you're thinking about having a whole house repipe, it's important to make sure that your plumber is qualified to do the job. Here are a few things to look for:

- Experience: A plumber who has been in the business for a while should have plenty of experience doing whole house repipes.

- References: Ask your plumber for references from past clients who have had a whole house repipe done. This will give you a good idea of how they performed the job and whether or not their clients were happy with the results.

- License and Insurance: Make sure your plumber is licensed and insured. This will protect you in case anything goes wrong during the repipe process.

whole house repipe is a big job, so you want to make sure that you're working with a qualified and experienced plumber. By following these tips, you can be confident that your whole house repipe will be done correctly and without any problems.

The process of whole house repiping

The process of whole house repiping can be a bit daunting, but our experienced plumbers will work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right. Here's what you can expect:

1. The plumber will come to your house and assess the situation. They will determine whether a whole house repipe is necessary, and if it is, they will outline the process and what to expect.

2. The plumber will start by shutting off the water to your house. This is an important step, as it will prevent any water damage from occurring during the repipe process.

3. Next, the old pipes will be removed and replaced with new ones. This can be a messy process, so be prepared for some chaos in your home.

4. Once the new pipes are in place, the plumber will turn on the water and test the system. They will make sure that everything is working properly before they leave your home.

5. Finally, be sure to contact your insurance company about having the whole house repipe covered under your policy. Many insurers offer this type of coverage, so it's worth checking into.

A whole house repipe can be a big investment, but it's well worth it in the long run. If you're experiencing any problems with your home's water system, don't hesitate to contact 1-800-Plumber +Air of Scottsdale today for a consultation

Benefits of whole house repiping

Whole house repiping can provide a number of benefits for your home, including:

- Improved water pressure: A whole house repipe can help improve your water pressure, which is especially important if you have a large home with multiple stories.

- Enhanced water quality: A whole house repipe can also help to improve your water quality, which is important for both your health and your home's plumbing system.

- Increased longevity for your plumbing system: When you have a whole house repipe done, it helps to refresh your entire plumbing system, which can lead to increased longevity and fewer problems down the road.

If you're considering a whole house repipe, 1-800-Plumber +Air of Scottsdale can help. We have experience with all types of homes and can provide a custom solution that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our whole house repiping services.

Need your house repiped? Contact us at 1-800-Plumber +Air of Scottsdale

If you're noticing that your water pressure is low, or if there are signs of rust in your water, it's probably time for a whole house repipe. Contact us today at 1-800-Plumber +Air of Scottsdale to schedule an appointment and get started on this important home repair project. We'll work quickly and efficiently to have your whole house up and running like new again!

From regular service appointments to emergency services our professional service for plumbing repairs, we are the plumbing company for you.

Apart from the services we offer, there's a lot that makes us stand out from the rest of the pack. First, we listen! We strive to give our customers exceptional service, which includes listening to your needs. Our technicians will listen and come up with a practical and lasting solution. We encourage our clients to ask questions whenever they need clarification. We also ensure we explain our proposals thoroughly and keep you informed every step of the way. So contact us today!

What can you expect to pay?

Typically, you can expect to invest between $4,000 - $15,000 to re-pipe your house. A number of factors depend on the following factors:

  • The number of plumbing fixtures
  • Type of piping
  • Size of house
  • Permitting requirements


Plumbing fixtures include bathrooms, tubs, sinks, and other appliances. Of course, when you have a higher number of appliances, the cost will likely rise. Additionally, the more square feet you have, the higher your investment will be. The piping will need to be long enough to cover your entire house.

Piping Type

Similarly, your re-pipe costs will be higher if you use expensive materials like copper piping instead of cheaper but equally durable options like PEX tubing. Rigid piping also routinely costs more to install than flexible PEX because it requires more removal of walls and floors, which increases labor costs.

For example, re-piping the same 1,500 square foot home would cost twice as much using copper pipes as it would if you selected PEX.


Local permitting requirements and costs can vary widely. Getting the right permits is essential, however.

Fortunately, when you hire plumbing and drain professionals like 1-800-PLUMBER +AIR in Scottsdale to handle your re-piping project, they will take care of all the permitting for you. This ensures that your project is done up to code, on time, and hassle-free.

Re-piping Your Home

When it comes time to re-pipe your home, don't get caught floundering. Call the experts at 1-800-PLUMBER +AIR in Scottsdale and let us answer all your questions about how much it cost to re-pipe a house and what type of piping you need.

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Stetson W.

Plugged drain outside of house. Came out the next day, showed us the video of the tree branches in our line, gave me a quote over the phone and I had them start work. Finished in a few hours and left with our system drain restored.

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They replaced our heater and did an excellent job.

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Swayze did a great job and was very courteous polite, and knowledgeable .

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Emanuel Reyes replaced my kitchen faucet and sink basket strainer today, 3/2/20. I appreciate the quality of his work. Emanual did a fantastic job. If I need a plumber in the future, I'll call 1-800-Plumber and ask for Emanuel Reyes.

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Excellent work by all, starting with the ease of making an appointment, the arrival of the service crew in a timely manner. They were on neatly dressed, very pleasant, explained everything and took the little extra steps to make the visit a success. I have used this plumber three times now and have always had exceptional service from them.

Jan C.

z was fantastic! Very nice and easy to talk to and he explained everything perfect! Very professional! I would recommend him to anyone !

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First plumber we called wanted $3500.00 to replace everything. Emanuel came out and suggested we change one part and less than $300.00 later we was up and running again. From Mark, to Taylor, and then on to Emanuel the whole experience was professional and I will be a customer for life. Hopefully not often though. Great working with you guys!.


Excellent job was done

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Kyle was efficient and professional when handling my faucet water leak. He was an expert problem solver to my numerous problems. Success!

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