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What Is Water Jetting? Should I Hydro Jet My Drain?

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September 22, 2023

Clogs in your drain can strike without any notice, as they can develop over time. Whenever you see, smell, or hear the signs of a clog in your drain, call in the professionals from 1-800-Plumber +Air to get to the bottom of it. Plumbers can visually inspect your plumbing, use a camera to investigate drain lines, and even clean out and break down clogs through a process called water jetting. Keep reading to learn more about water jetting, how it works, and when you need it.

What Is Water Jetting?

Water jetting is a process for cleaning the interior of drain lines and bearing down blockages. Over time, grease, hair, slow-degrading paper products, and other materials can build up in sewer lines, creating clogs that partially or entirely block the drain passage. Plumbers can use water jetting tools to send high-pressure streams of water into the pipes to break down blockages and clear the interior. This type of drain cleaning is a common process for heavy residential clogs, as well as clogs in commercial and municipal lines.

How Water Jet Cleaning Works

Before starting the water jet cleaning process, a plumber will inspect the interior of the sewer line with a camera line inspection. This allows them to locate the blockage or blockages, as well as look for any problems like tree roots (which can also clog sewer lines and cannot be fully addressed by hydro jetting). Once the clogs have been identified, plumbers can send a hose fitted with a specialty, high-pressure nozzle down into the drain line to start hydro jet drain cleaning. There, the water can cut through the clog, breaking it apart so it flows through the drain line and reopens the pipe.

High-pressure streams of water are extremely powerful and can cut through grease, organic matter, paper, food, and other material that tends to clog up sewer lines and drain lines throughout your home's kitchen, bathrooms, or underground sewer lines. It's a safe process that doesn't use chemicals or mechanical tools, and it can thoroughly remove virtually any buildup or clog without further repairs needed.

Homeowners should consider water jet sewer cleaning if there are signs of a major clog in their home's drainage system or if smaller clogs are becoming more and more frequent (which can indicate a downstream drainage issue). Plumbers can then identify whether it's a blockage that water jet cleaning can remove or if it's a problem, such as cracked pipes or tree roots breaking into the system. Commercial property owners should consider water jet cleaning more frequently, as their properties are more likely to develop clogs, and property owners are responsible for maintaining the sewer lines on their property.

When to Water Jet Your Drain

Water jetting pipes can be classified either as preventative maintenance or reactive maintenance. If you have a large clog or slowing draining lines, it's important to call in a plumber as soon as possible before there's a risk of serious breakage or water damage inside your home. Watch out for these common signs of problems that professional water jetting and drain cleaning can help with:

  • Pipes that drain very slowly (either in your kitchen or bathroom)
  • Noisy pipes that tick, gurgle, or hiss, as that indicate there's something preventing water and waste from smoothly flowing through the pipe
  • Smells: Partially clogged drains may still allow water to flow out, but they'll release a foul smell as the clogged material rots and lingers in place

Depending on the size and type of property you own, you might also schedule recurring water jet appointments every other year to mitigate the risk of sudden emergencies; this is a good practice for commercial properties, rental properties, and multi-family units.

Choose 1-800-Plumber +Air for Your Drain Cleaning Needs

Break down clogs with jet drain cleaning before they can cause backflow issues and water damage to your property. Call 1-800-Plumber +Air today to schedule an appointment, get free upfront pricing, and say goodbye to developing clogs.

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