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Replacing Sewer Pipes vs. Pipe Lining

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September 22, 2023

Sewer pipes develop damage over time. Roots can wind their way inside pipes, the material can develop cracks that lead to leaks and malfunctions, and they can even develop clogs that are impossible to resolve. Getting a quick, cost-effective solution to broken sewer pipes can protect your property, reduce damage or the risk of water leaks, and make sure you can continue to use all of the plumbing and appliances in your home. At 1-800-Plumber +Air, we specialize in assessing sewer pipe problems to offer the right solution between replacing sewer pipe replacement, pipe lining, and other options. Join us to learn more about common causes of damaged sewer pipes and the benefits of sewer line replacement.

Causes of Sewer Pipe Damage

Unfortunately, sewer pipes don't last forever. They can be vulnerable to a wide range of environmental hazards or wear from use throughout the years. Some issues, such as blockages, are partially preventable, as hair, grease, and paper-based products that don't degrade can build up over time. However, most problems are harder to prevent, such as:

  • Damage from tree roots, which will try to pry into sewer pipes for access to both water and easy-growing space
  • Pipe corrosion from ground minerals and moisture, especially if the sewer pipes are older and made from less resistant material
  • Damage due to age, such as slow deterioration, wear, or accumulated cracks
  • Collisions from digging machinery, which can break the pipe or knock a sewer line out of alignment

Signs You Need a Pipe Replacement

Sewer lines are submerged underground, and depending on local regulations, they may be at least 18 or 30 inches below the surface. This can make it difficult to know when a pipe breaks and you need to start considering pipe replacement. Some potential signs your property needs sewer pipe replacement include:

  • Your water bill is much higher, which can indicate a sewer or supply leak.
  • There are patches of standing water on your property when it hasn't rained (especially if the water smells like sewage).
  • You hear gurgling coming from the drain lines.
  • There are more clogs than usual.

Any of these more visible signs can clue you into a problem. From there, a licensed professional can assess the situation or scope your pipe to look for tree roots, clogs, or cracks. From there, you may need to choose between pipe replacement vs. lining to resolve the issue.

Benefits of Pipe Replacement

Sewer line replacement can immediately resolve problems with your property's sewer lines and can for decades. If you're considering replacement vs. relining, it's important to know the differences between the two and the long-term considerations. Sewer pipe replacement involves digging up the broken pipe and replacing it with a completely new length of pipe. With pipe lining, a thin layer of material is inserted into the length of the affected pipe, inflated, and set to cure into a hard shell within the pipe. Some of the advantages of choosing pipe replacement include:

  • It's a comprehensive solution: Pipe replacement can resolve broken lines, misaligned joints, and severe pipe damage, but pipe lining can't address these problems.
  • Long-term value: Replacement pipes are made with more durable materials that are built to perform better. Replacing your pipe can eliminate future problems that lead to a pipe replacement project in just a few years.
  • Better access to your entire plumbing system: During the pipe replacement, plumbers can clean out and inspect your entire sewer line far more effectively than during lining installation.

Choose 1-800-Plumber +Air for Pipe Replacement

At 1-800-Plumber +Air, our team of trained plumbers and technicians are here for you during any plumbing emergency. We can inspect sewer lines for developing problems, troubleshoot clogs and broken pipes, and provide expert pipe replacement services for your home. Reach out today to arrange a service call and get free upfront pricing.