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March 02, 2020

McKinney, United States - March 2, 2020 /MarketersMedia/ — 1-800-Plumber +Air is excited to announce the grand opening of their newest location, 1-800-Plumber +Air of Collin County located in McKinney, Texas. Andrew Zai, along with his team of highly trained professionals, will be servicing Collin County and the surrounding areas with plumbing, heating, and cooling services as of March 2020!

Andrew has has been developing state-of-the-art wireless hardware as an electrical engineer for thirteen years. After finishing his PhD in electromagnetics and microwave engineering, he was a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Most recently, he was Chief Engineer on a research and development effort at Raytheon, a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil and cybersecurity markets throughout the world.

Andrew says the thing that excites him most about 1-800-Plumber is, "At the end of The Founder, Ray Kroc says he fell in love with McDonald the second he heard the name. I felt the same way the first time I saw the logo for 1-800-Plumber. It is simple, elegant, and easy to remember. I am convinced that I can train my market to immediately dial 1-800-Plumber any time they have an issue."

Andrew says his decision to join 1-800-Plumber wasn't a sudden epiphany, but a long decision making process. He evaluated 20+ franchises before making his final decision. What initially led him to the decision in joining 1-800-Plumber was the attraction of the size of territory he could buy, as well as the opportunity of multiple verticals, plumbing and HVAC. Andrew says, "What really solidified my decision was meeting the CEO, Mark, personally. Once I realized the type of person I would be doing business with, that was all I needed to see to know that I made the right decision."

Andrew says he chose to be a part of the plumbing industry because he understands how hard it can be to find reliable tradesmen. He has been investing in real estate since 2016 and says the real estate market is getting increasingly difficult to find a good deal, so he needed to find somewhere else to invest his capital. He says he's decided to put his time and money into a recession-resistant industry that would supplement his real estate business and hopefully no longer have to worry about finding a good plumber for his family again.

Andrew hopes to be regarded as the best place to work in his community. He wants to create an environment where employees can take pride of ownership in their work, do well financially, and never have to worry about benefits to keep their family healthy. Likewise, he wants the community to recognize when a problem occurs, that Andrew and his team will handle any issue quickly and professionally. He says, "Our level of care will be so high that customers will be tempted to pour grease down their drains just so they can see us again." He also says, "I philosophically believe that these two aspects go hand-in-hand. Happy employees = happy customers."

The 1-800-PLUMBER +Air headquarters is located in Pearland, Texas. The company strives to deliver highly satisfactory service to every customer, with a name, website, and number that anyone can remember. For more information on the 1-800-PLUMBER brand and franchise opportunities, visit their website at https://1800plumber.com/franchise-opportunities