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Starting Your
1-800-Plumber +Air Business

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Ready to start your own Business?

When starting any business, there are some basic questions one should always ask. Is there a need or demand for the product or service I will be offering? Can I meet this need or demand in a cost effective manner? Or more simply put, Can I make a profit? The plumbing industry currently generates $107 Billion a year in the United States spread across almost 120,000 companies. It is easy to see that the demand is great, which simply leaves the question, can the demand be met in a cost-effective manner?

As you consider the possibility of starting your own business in the Plumbing Industry, there is no need to take this step alone. By partnering with 1-800-Plumber +Air as you start your business, you immediately gain multiple advantages over your competition.

Your Name is Your Number!

When you a become 1-800-PLUMBER +Air Franchise you immediately get a brand that is easily identifiable. You also get a number that is almost impossible for your customers to forget. This immediately gives you an advantage over your competitors. Not only does the 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air brand allow you to immediately identify what services are being offered, the brand is also the primary way for the customers to reach each franchise location. There are very few brands across any industry which maintain those characteristics, and there is not a brand in the plumbing industry with these characteristics.

Our System for Success

The 1-800-PLUMBER +AIR System allows you to immediately run your business effectively. 1-800-PLUMBER+AIR will provide you with a proven system that is highly successful. This system will teach you how to successfully run your business, how to effectively generate calls from new customers, how to recruit, hire, and train employees, and all the other necessary components needed to be successful.

Industry Leading Software

Part of your success is having the information you need to make the right decisions quickly. With our industry leading software, you will have the data that you need at your fingertips to make the right decisions fast.

Marketing Expertise

Our proven marketing system will allow you to quickly get in front of the right customers at the right time! It is important that you know the right channels to advertise in, how much you should spend, and how to measure these results effectively. Our marketing system takes the guess work out of it.

Learn About Our


Discover if the 1-800-Plumber +Air franchise is the right opportunity for you. During this initial phase, you will be contacted by a representative from 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air to tell you more about the 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air franchising opportunity. During this process, we also will want to learn a little more about you. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity further, we will then encourage you to apply.


After your initial call with your 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air Developer, you will enter into the Determination phase. This phase is designed to help you, as well as us, determine if 1-800-Plumber +Air is the right fit. During this phase, we ask that you fill out an application along with completing a few additional items to help us get to know you better. Purchasing a 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air franchise is something that does require an application and approval, as we have a stringent process to protect the brand. Once your application has been approved, our team will send you the Franchise Disclosure Document to review. This will allow you to get to know us better to allow you to make an informed decision as well.

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The third phase is where we really begin to paint a picture of what your potential 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air franchise could look like. We will discuss your potential territory, as well, and begin to discuss the contract with you so you understand what you can expect as a 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air franchisee. This will begin establishing the framework of what will become your 1-800-Plumber +Air Franchise.

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Once your territory and agreements have been clearly defined, we will invite you to come to our corporate office in Pearland, TX, to meet the team. This is an exciting opportunity for you to meet everyone on the corporate team as well as visit the local operation and see it in action. While at the "Meet The Team Day," we will also have your signing. This is an exciting time where you will sign your agreement and officially become 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air!

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The Deployment phase starts immediately after signing. This is an incredibly exciting part of building and launching your 1-800-Plumber +Air location. This is typically a 13-week process and we will assist you with everything you need to operate your 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air location.

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