Below is a list of frequently asked questions we've received over the years during the franchising process. Hopefully you find these FAQ's helpful.

No, you do not have to be a licensed plumber to own your 1-800-PLUMBER +AIR franchise location. In fact, many of our current franchise owners did not have experience in the trade when they bought their location. We will work with you to ensure that you are fully compliant with all local and state laws to properly meet all licensing requirements.
There is a $45,000 investment for your initial territory and $35,000 for each additional territory (unless being combined with an additional incentive).

The total investment needed ranges between $105,995-$241,395. See Item 7 in FDD for more information.

There are several financing options available, including Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. Our sales team is happy to connect you with our trusted financing partners and will be a resource throughout your funding process. Schedule a call today with one of our franchise developers to find out more.

Plumbing equipment for the first truck is about $10k and inventory about $2500. The second truck equipment drops substantially because some equipment can be shared. It will be around $3500 plus the inventory. HVAC about $2500 each vehicle. Outfitting your vans properly is fundamental towards your success. It is most common for plumbing vans and HVAC vans to be outfitted separately. Part of your outfitting for your initial plumbing and HVAC vans will include all startup equipment required for you to be able to service your 1-800-PLUMBER +AIR customers properly. The initial plumbing equipment costs range between $10K-$15K. The initial HVAC equipment costs range between $2,500-$5,000. Inventory will also need to be purchased for each van that will range between $2,500-$5,000. See Item 7 in FDD for more details.

Yes, we offer discounts for Veterans and run seasonal specials, contact our sales team today.

1-800-PLUMBER +AIR operates at or below many of the industry standards when it comes to cost towards our franchisees, including royalties. Royalties are not negotiable.

If a "Managing Principal" is unable to commit or decides to hire a "General Manager", Corporate would have to approve the General Manager. This would include the Managing Principal submitting a plan to our corporate office. (See page 6- Explanatory Notes 2 in FDD)