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Below is a list of frequently asked questions we received during the franchising process. Hopefully you find these FAQ's helpful.

$45,000 for the initial territory and $35,000 for each additional territory.

Plumbing equipment for the first truck is about $10k and inventory about $2500. The second truck equipment drops substantially because some equipment can be shared. It will be around $3500 plus the inventory. HVAC about $2500 each vehicle.

Client Relationship Management software, Careerplug, online NAP listing portal, 1800plumberuniversity.com, email addresses, etc.

Yes, we offer discounts for Veterans and run seasonal specials, contact our sales team today.

There are many items that are negotiable during the franchising process, but royalties are non-negotiable.

Initial tools and equipment are approximately $10,000-$15,000.

If a "Managing Principal" is unable to commit or decides to hire a "General Manager", Corporate would have to approve the General Manager. This would include the Managing Principal submitting a plan to our corporate office. (See page 6- Explanatory Notes 2 in FDD)